The Paris offices of the future Unified Patent Court have been disclosed.

The Paris location for the UPC was announced recently, and according to the French Patent & Trademark Attorneys Company CNCPI, the first visit of the offices was organized by the Justice Ministry last Monday.

‘Located at the Quai de la Mégisserie, these offices are located in the heart of Paris, on the banks of the Seine and in the immediate vicinity of the Ile de la Cité and the historic buildings of the Palais de Justice. These offices are fully functional and easily accessible by public transport’, the CNCPI reported. The UPC Preparatory Committee will update the website with locations soon.

Paris is important in the future Unitary Patent system. It will be the location of a local division and a branch of the central division of the Unified Patent Court. Moreover, the first president of the court of first instance (comprising the central, regional and local UPC divisions) will be a French national, who will probably be at the Paris offices regularly.

The latest development shows preparations are going on despite the uncertainty about the future of the UP system due to the German constitutional complaint which was filed against the UPCA in 2017. A decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany is expected later this year. The Brexit has been another source of concern for supporters of the UP; although the UK government intends to keep the UK in the Unitary Patent system post-Brexit, observers have questioned whether this is legally possible.


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  1. The quest remains. Will the UPC ever see the light?

    Not later than this week, I was told that Mr Ramsay, head of the preparatory committee, was expecting a negative decision from the German Constitutional Court on the claim against the UPC before the end of the week, and at least before the end of May (the month, not the UK PM).

    This calls the following question: on what confidential information the Mr Ramsay bases his knowledge and certainty?.

    I always thought all people are equal before the law, but here some appear to be more equal. Please Mr Ramsay explain

    To me it appears more like an other expression of the wishful thinking of all the proponents of the UPC!

    Techrights FINGERS OFF!!!!

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