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  1. He was a real one! Not the pseudo one of the 10th floor!
    But what a lot of damage he managed to make wanting to show how big a manager he was.
    He was not even that, and anything but a leader.
    Full of himself and conceited to the brim is a much better definition!

    A nice weekend to all!

    Techrights: FINGERS OFF!!!

  2. Curious to see how fast his French favorites will be ‘promoted’ away.

  3. Many thanks, both Thorsten and that sane and sensible contributor who dislikes being quoted selectively and out of context, for the wrey smile you brought, this Friday afternoon.

    Sometimes a picture says it better than a whole lot of words. Man-Child Rulers, Small men saddled with an over-sized ego. Sociopaths in positions of power. Are they a sign of our times?

    Look to Russia, where football fans bask. To a man, they all report that they have never met such friendly policemen. (Here, I know the Emoji I want, but discretion stops me patching it in here.)

    So, what next? Chin Up, Prick up your Ears, I say. Let’s all look forward to a brighter future. “Live and Learn” (from our mistakes) is the thing we humans do best, is it not?

  4. The emperor’s successor is reported by IP Pro to have stated that: “The EPO is undoubtedly a success story and we want to build upon that by assessing with our staff and stakeholders if improvements can be made. That means working to ensure that the office will not only be efficient but also effective in delivering high-quality patents to our users to support Europe’s innovation sector”.

    The first sentence (which mentions assessing with staff and stakeholders to make improvement) makes it sound like the new President could embark upon a new course. However, the second sentence only refers to efficiency, effectiveness and high quality. Not one single mention of restoring social harmony, or of ensuring that the EPO adequately fulfils its public service role! This is worrying, as it could signal 4 more years of the same policies.

    It remains to be seen what kind of President Mr Campinos will be, and he should certainly be given the benefit of the doubt at this stage. Nevertheless, with the Member States being amongst the beneficiaries of the ex-President’s “efficiency drive”, one wonders whether Mr Campinos will be able to keep the AC delegations happy (ie amply supplied with the fruit of the EPO’s “efficient” processing of patent applications) at the same time as treating the staff with dignity and respect (and restoring their basic rights guaranteed under EU law). A difficult challenge indeed!

    Of course, if everything ends up being much the same as before, then more eyes will start to turn to the AC as being the cause of the problems (I mean, what are the chances of two different Presidents managing to ride roughshod over their governing body in order to pursue policies that are highly questionable on legal and/or ethical grounds?). If this does prove to be the case, there will at least be a legal mechanism for securing redress: as those Member States from the EU are responsible for ensuring that they do not voluntarily consent to breaches of EU law, even if those breaches are committed within the confines of an “immune” international organisation. So keep an eye on those voting records at AC meetings!

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