Two weeks ago the  judges of the new Swiss Federal Patent Court convened for the first time for their swearing-in and elected the vice president of the Federal Patent Court among their ranks (Mr. Frank Schnyder). The president (Mr. Dieter Braendle) had been designated by the Federal Swiss Parliament in advance.

The new Judges (as well as the Swiss Federal Patent Court) will take up work presumably on January 1, 2012.

The court bench is composed of 2 full-time judges and 31 adjunct judges. The adjunct judges will be brought in on a case by case basis. In order to make available as much expertise as possible the 31 adjunct judges have vast practical experience in patent law. Most of them are patent attorneys or patent litigators.

Below you find a list with the names of the new Patent Judges of the future Swiss Patent Court:

President: Dieter Braendle

Second full-time Judge: Tobias Bremi

Adjunct Judges with mainly technical background (in alphabetical order):

Clerc Natalia

Gervasio Giovanni

Holman Timothy

Jelsch Emmanuel E.

Köpf Alfred

Laederach Herbert

Müller Christoph

Müller Markus A.

Rigling Peter D.

Roland André

Roshardt Werner

Rüfenacht Philipp

Saam Christophe

Schnyder Frank

Stocker Kurt

Sutter Kurt

Vogel Daniel

Adjunct judges with mainly legal background (in alphabetical order):

Alder Daniel

Ducor Philippe

Gasser Christoph

Hilti Christian

Holzer Simon

Kraus Daniel

Legler Thomas

Rentsch Rudolf A.

Schlosser Ralph

Schweizer Mark

Willi Christoph


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