We are happy to announce the new International Law Talk Podcast episode on EU competition law developments in the pharmaceutical sector. And this one is twice as good! Not only are we discussing both competition and IP issues, but I also interviewed two leading experts in the field: Michael Clancy and David Hull from Van Bael & Bellis.

In the podcast, we touch upon new pharma developments regarding the Covid IP waivers, patent settlements, patent late life cycle strategies, biosimilars, excessive pricing, merger control and much more. Listen to the podcast!

In case you want to learn more on competition law and pharma, the new edition of the book by Van Bael & Bellis on Competition Law of the European Union has a great new section on the topic.


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  1. Quite an ambitious project – a podcast on competition law in the pharmaceutical field. I was full of expectation. Unfortunately however, this interview (seems to be more trendy to call it a podcast nowadays) just scratches the surface of the very interesting topics. The interviewing person did not engage in the conversation itself but just offered new topics for the experts to respond to. This „podcast“ provided not much benefit to an IP lawyer working in the pharmaceutical field. I encourage you to extend the idea though and talk e.g. 30-45 min about the specifics of one topic, such as the Lundbeck case itself.

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