Wolters Kluwer is proud to launch its new Kluwer Trademark Blog, our latest IP Law blog, in addition to the successful Patent and Copyright law blogs.

Trademark law is constantly developing, especially in the European Union (EU). Ever since the introduction of European law and increasingly so after the harmonisation of European trademark law, the European institutions, with the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) at the vanguard, have transformed trademark law from divergent concepts contained within the national laws of the member states into a uniform European model.

The world of trademarks is one of the most fascinating legal areas around. This at least is something trademark practitioners from around the world can agree upon. The Kluwer Trademark Blog is intended exactly for this group of people, so we believe we can safely say that this blog will deal with the most fascinating legal topic. We are therefore very happy to welcome you to this new platform for the sharing, dissemination and discussion of ideas and developments.

Kluwer Trademark Blog aspires to help clear the road ahead and to provide a quick and handy instrument for (non-)EU practitioners to keep up with the most relevant developments, globally, at the European level and on the national level. Verena von Bomhard and Gregor Vos and the contributors to this blog are some of the best trademark lawyers from the EU and are eager to share their knowledge and insights with you.

We happily invite you to become a regular reader of this blog and hope you will enjoy and learn from it as much as we expect we are going to. And if you ever feel you would like to contribute, just get in touch with us and write a guest blog!

Christine Robben

Wolters Kluwer


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