Will the upcoming Unified Patent Court be a success? Is opting-out most patents the best option when the new system starts functioning? How will IP litigators and practitioners see their work change? What are the economic consequences for participating countries? Are SME’s benefitting from the Unitary Patent as much as multinationals? Won’t it be too expensive?

European patent lawyers, agents and corporate counsel are facing major challenges due to the upcoming Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent. Up to now, five countries have ratified the UPC Agreement and the new system is expected to start functioning at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

As part of its IP law program, Kluwer Law International now regularly offers you selected news to keep you informed on issues surrounding the UPC system. Our journalists, in collaboration with IP experts such as Alan Johnson (Bristows LLP) and Rob Vernout (Arnold & Siedsma), will report on the latest developments in the field through IP News Alerts.

News items will be offered in combination with summaries and links to interesting reports.

The UPC  and Unitary Patent News is part of the online legal research service Kluwer IP Law and sent to you through the free, bi- weekly IP News Alerts. In addition we will regularly report, a summary of the most important developments on the Kluwer Patent Blog.

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