The District Court of Duesseldorf will set up a third division (panel of judges) for patent infringement litigation. In addition, the Duesseldorf Court of Appeal will at least staff up, and possibly set up a second patent senate for appeal cases.

With about 600 patent cases per year, the District Court of Duesseldorf is the most popular court for patent infringement litigation in Germany with almost as many cases pending as in the other competent patent infringement courts in Germany altogether.

While the increasing case numbers have resulted in a longer duration of the proceedings lately, this trend will hopefully be reversed by the expansion. Moreover, Duesseldorf has strengthened its position as a venue for patent litigation also with regard to the debate about a Unified Patent Court in Europe and the location of local divisions.

Hetti Hilge
rospatt osten pross – Intellectual Property Rechtsanwälte


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